Chemical peels

Neostrata Glycolic Acid Peels - R750-R900

Neostrata Retinol Peels - R950

Neostrata Retinol Peel& Booster - R1100

Skintech Easy Phytic - R750

Skintech  Easy Droxy - R850

Skintech TCA  - R1000-1500

Mesoestetic Peels - R750-R850


Laser Treatments

Recommended 6 - 8 sessions for permanent Hair Reduction

Face & Neck

Chin Minimun - R400

Chin Maximun- R500

Upperlip- R400

Sideburns- R450

Between Brows- R200

Half Face- R800

Full Face- R1000

Beard- R1200

Neck Front- R600

Neck Back- R600

Upper Body

Full ArmsR1950- R2200

Fore ArmsR1500- R1700

Under Arms- R700

Chest Men- R1800

Tummy- R1800

Umbilicus- R350

Back Half- R2500

Back Full- R4200

Back & Shoulders- R4800

Shoulders- R2200

Buttocks- R1650

Ears- R350

Nose- R350

Nipples- R350

Lower Body

Fingers/ Toes-R400

Bikini Standard- R700

Bikini Extensive- R1000

Bikini Full- R1150

Bikini G-String- R850

Full Legs Female- R3850

Full Legs Male- R4500

Lower Legs Excluding Knee- R1800

Lower Legs Including Knee- R2000

Upper Legs Excluding Knee- R1800

Lower Legs Excluding Knee- R2000

Laser Vein Removal

Red Facial Veins Large from- R900

Red Facial Veins Smallfrom -R1200

Hemangiomasfrom -R350


Dermapen Needling

Full Face & Neck- From R1600

Pixel Peel (Dermapen & TCA)- R2000



Anti Wrinkle Injection- R65 Per Unit

Hyperhydrosis ( excessive sweating) -R50 Per Unit

Dermal Fillers/Threading (Drs Quote on Consultation)

Headaches- 60 per Unit



( 5-10 sessions)

Small Areas- R650

Face & Neck- R650

Dark Under Eye Circles/BagsR- 400

Stretchmarks Large/Scars- R500

Strechmarks Small/Scars- R400

Cellulite- R500

Hands/Feet- R400

Carboxy Facial including Peel- R1000

Hair Growth Rejuvenation- R500



 Recomended 1-4 Sessions, prices/ amount of sessins are subjected to change on consultation

Non Surgical Blephharoplasty

Upper Lids-  R 3500 

Lower Lids-  R 2500 

Neck Lift-  From R 5000

Facial Lines, Wrinkles, Perioral Lines

(Smokers Lines)-  From R 2000

Active Acne, Acne Scarring, Keloid, From R 2000

Small Tattoo Removal 2-4 Sessions-   From R 1500

Small Skin Lesions-Xantelasma, Moles, Skintags- From R 1500